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Guest Speaker: Brad Goldstein, President, Resilience Communications, LLC

Host:  John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: It takes many years to build a reputation and only one lie or spurious allegation to destroy it. Social media can be a vicious, heartless and faceless destroyer of reputations. How does one protect one’s reputation in the age of viral attacks and internet innuendo? Brad Goldstein, who started his professional career as an award-winning muckraking reporter, has become a nationally renowned expert in the area of protecting individual, family and family enterprise reputations from viral attacks. In this PPI teleconversation Brad will share what he has learned, as a journalist, corporate executive and now as a highly sought after crisis communication consultant, regarding how to protect your privacy, your brand, and your reputation in the digital media age. The strategies and tips he’ll share with us may prove invaluable to you, your family, your clients and their families and enterprises.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

As a former award-winning investigative journalist, corporate communications officer, and crisis management professional, Brad Goldstein understands the potential trajectories and consequences of crises large and small, and has the experience to respond to them effectively.

His professional experience includes 17 years as communications director for an international commodities company with offices in 23 countries and annual sales of more than $4 billion.  He was also responsible for managing investigations, litigation and communications for several multi-million dollar international fraud cases. Earlier in his career, he was an award-winning investigative journalist specializing in government, insurance, labor and business issues.

Brad founded Resilience Communications in 2014.  His clients include professional athletes, corporate executives, non-profits, high net-worth individuals and others facing a broad range of reputational challenges. His firm also does pro-bono work, teaming with law firms and law professors around the country on a host of issues.  His clients have appeared on broadcasts including CBS’s 60 Minutes, Sunday Morning, 20-20, CNBC, and in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker; some have been featured in a variety of books and films.

Brad’s work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post, and he has appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes and in the award-winning Netflix documentary Sour Grapes. 

He is also cited in several books, including The Billionaire’s VinegarIn Vino DuplicitasThe Rise and Fall of a Wine Forger, and Sons of Wichita.  His journalistic awards and honors include a Harvard University Nieman Fellowship, a Knight Foundation Fellowship at the University of Maryland, and numerous regional and national awards.

For more information please see: www.resiliencecommunicationsllc.com

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