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Electronic Wills and Recent Legislative Activity: Yesterday’s Techie Youth Are Now Today’s Testators

In 2013, an Ohio judge admitted to probate a Will written entirely with an electronic stylus pen on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and later signed electronically by the testator and witnesses.  In 2017, the concept of an electronic Will or “e-Will” has become a hot topic with the help of a for-profit company seeking to procure favorable legislation in Florida and beyond.  Not all agree that electronic will legislation as being proposed is a good idea.  Do you? Kyle Gee provides background into the concept of electronic Wills by explaining factors leading to their creation by emerging generations.  He also summarizes electronic Will cases from around the world.  Kyle shares reasons proponents are pushing for enactment of electronic Will statutes and the concerns raised by those in opposition.

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Is the Cloud Finally Lifting? Practical Planning for and Administration of Our Clients’ Digital Assets

This presentation explained how to identify a client’s key digital assets; described how tech companies are coming up with their own private solutions to these issues; reviewed the evolution of contact, cyber-security, and probate law and legislative and lobbying history that led to the widespread adoption of the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (“RUFADAA”) across America in 2016 and 2017; and provided practical insight as to how to plan for and administer these assets.

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Why It is Important to Define the Purpose of the Family Wealth

This teleseminar addresses how we help clients identify their most deeply cherished values and how to reconcile family member differences. Bhaj also discusses how to put impact into practice in taxable and tax-advantaged accounts. We address various investment strategies in the public equities and fixed income markets as well as private debt, equity and real estate opportunities that make an impact.

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Wealth Planning for Cross-border Families

There is a large and growing demographic of cross-border professionals who have a financial connection to the United States and one thing they all have in common is they have complicated financial affairs and few places to turn for help. In this talk, Andrew Fisher, the author of The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide, leads us through an interactive discussion to explore the most common areas of confusion.

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Beneficiary Defective Inheritors Trusts

The beneficiary defective irrevocable trust (BDIT) is an irrevocable inter vivos trust for state law purposes in which someone other than the settlor of the trust is treated as the grantor for income tax purposes over the entire trust pursuant to Code Section 678. In this session, we discuss practical uses of BDITs as well as some unanswered questions about BDITs and offer suggested answers.

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