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Go Digital Or Die: The New Venue for Connecting Families With Each Other and With Their Advisors

Are you feeling like you are losing the war on developing high impact relationships with your clients?  Are you sensing the generational communication gap within families getting wider and deeper?  It’s time to change the communication paradigm to reach the “next-gen” family members of our clients. It’s time to communicate in “their terms” and in “their mode.” Listen in and hear how Roey Diefendorf addresses these issues in his practice.

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The Routines of Connection that Lead to a Deeply Meaningful Life

At first blush, nature connection and the wisdom of indigenous and ancestral cultures may seem far removed from the needs and complexities of modern life and intergenerational planning. But nothing could be further from the truth. Connection to nature, self, and others can establish a virtuous circle that provides access to abundant and sustainable lives for individuals, families, and communities. Moreover, the family practices of nature-based cultures were born out of a need to thrive in dynamic changing environments. Jon’s unique experience and intimate knowledge of nature and community, developed and lived over 40 years, offers a sweeping perspective of what is possible for families, communities and human culture on this planet going forward. This session offers profound, yet simple insights and practices that can immediately be applied to our own lives, as well as the lives of the families we are privileged to touch, guide and inspire.

Gen Z: What is the Impact of a Generation Raised in a Digital World?

“What adults can learn from Kids,” a TED talk by a Gen Z member, captures this generation’s desire to impact the world. As they view technology as commonplace, they have the power to utilize this to change family and business relationships. Through interactive exercises focused on Generational Thinking, this call questions our approaches to the governance and wealth transfer tools designed with top-down approaches. 

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Electronic Wills and Recent Legislative Activity: Yesterday’s Techie Youth Are Now Today’s Testators

In 2013, an Ohio judge admitted to probate a Will written entirely with an electronic stylus pen on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and later signed electronically by the testator and witnesses.  In 2017, the concept of an electronic Will or “e-Will” has become a hot topic with the help of a for-profit company seeking to procure favorable legislation in Florida and beyond.  Not all agree that electronic will legislation as being proposed is a good idea.  Do you? Kyle Gee provides background into the concept of electronic Wills by explaining factors leading to their creation by emerging generations.  He also summarizes electronic Will cases from around the world.  Kyle shares reasons proponents are pushing for enactment of electronic Will statutes and the concerns raised by those in opposition.

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