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Electronic Wills and Recent Legislative Activity: Yesterday’s Techie Youth Are Now Today’s Testators

In 2013, an Ohio judge admitted to probate a Will written entirely with an electronic stylus pen on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and later signed electronically by the testator and witnesses.  In 2017, the concept of an electronic Will or “e-Will” has become a hot topic with the help of a for-profit company seeking to procure favorable legislation in Florida and beyond.  Not all agree that electronic will legislation as being proposed is a good idea.  Do you? Kyle Gee provides background into the concept of electronic Wills by explaining factors leading to their creation by emerging generations.  He also summarizes electronic Will cases from around the world.  Kyle shares reasons proponents are pushing for enactment of electronic Will statutes and the concerns raised by those in opposition.

By | August 15th, 2017|Purposeful Next-Gen Collaboration, Technical Corner|

Building the Skills and Preserving the Spark: The Young Americans Center for Financial Education

Research shows that a large percentage of people of all ages, incomes, and education lack the basic financial knowledge and skills to ensure long-term stability for themselves and their families.  It is never too early to teach children about money. Young Americans Center for Financial Education uses hands-on programs and real-life experiences build life skills, work skills, and financial self-sufficiency in nearly 60,000 youth every year.  It is also the home to Young Americans Bank and an incredible array of award-winning nonprofit programs, all designed to teach young people 21 and under about finances, economics, and business.  You’ll learn about the impact they are having and how you and your clients can benefit from their programs.

By | June 20th, 2017|Purposeful Next-Gen Collaboration|

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Overcoming Obstacles Related to Inheritance

Scott Gornto, MDIV, LMFT, CST, author of The Stories We Tell Ourselves™, joins us for a conversation on overcoming the stigmas and common challenges inheritors face.  We discuss how advisors can help inheritors overcome negative fear-based narratives that hold them back from being successful, explore ways in which we can shift the story of success that they have in their head (based on the family narrative) to a narrative that they own, and by doing so create a new story of success and achievement that has a realistic plan for success.

By | June 13th, 2017|Purposeful Next-Gen Collaboration|

How Current Generations (All of Them!) Impact Family Wealth, Business, and Philanthropy

Many conversations about generations focus on communication, estate planning & legacy, or issues in the workplace. Although these certainly are important, few people talk about why generational perspectives are so impactful, why we should pay attention to them, and how we can use them as tools to facilitate family wealth thriving, corporate success, and business growth for advisors. Our purpose is to initiate vital conversation around these aspects and to make a clearer connection between generational biases and family wealth management; family business or corporate efficiency, productivity, and ultimate success; and the service quality advisors provide their clients, which directly affects business growth.

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