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The Deliberately Developmental Family

There has been a turning point in organizational leadership in the last 20 years. Increasingly complex, global and competitive companies discovered that the old paradigm of top-down leadership was not effective in this new dynamic environment. The new language of business began emphasizing collaboration, communication, and authenticity and creating environments where people could flourish and drive results. In this webinar, Courtney discusses his process and thinking about how to apply these same principles to families. Exploring together what we can learn from the field of organizational leadership to create a new paradigm for the families we serve.

By | April 4th, 2017|Family Office Summit|

The Inside Scoop on The International Family Offices Journal

Barbara Hauser, the Editor-in-Chief of this new quarterly Journal, answers questions about why the London-based Journal was created, the types of topics, and the practical value--of this unique conflict-free collection of articles by the leading family office global experts and the sharing by various family offices of their challenges and solutions. Each issue also includes an in-depth country report of the family office landscape.

By | March 7th, 2017|Family Office Summit|

How Can Family Foundations Cultivate a Spirit of Collaboration

Date: November 1, 2016 Guest Speaker: Rob Kaufold, Executive Director of the Hemera Foundation, President and Chief Risk Officer of Cauldera All of the challenges facing philanthropic organizations today are complex problems that will require innovative solutions and collaborative dialogue to address them. No one organization can solve poverty, early childhood development, education, healthcare or climate change alone. The opportunity presented to family charitable foundations is the power to leverage each other’s strength and experience to more effectively address these issues. Since family foundations are not in competition with one another, they are uniquely poised to serve as a model for collaboration as they work together to fulfill their individual philanthropic missions.

Wide-eyed, Unprepared, and Overwhelmed: A Perspective on the Mind of a Young Inheritor

Date: October 18, 2016 Guest Speaker: Kristen Heaney, MSW, BCC, Legacy Life Coaching, LLC As advisors, we aim to help client families plan for the unexpected, protecting their wealth from outcomes such as early death, bad marriages, addiction and more. It’s impossible to know, however, just how these plans will play out in real life when the worst case scenario unfolds. The legal and financial plans of Kristen Heaney’s family were put to the test when her father, a 49-year-old successful business owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Still in college at the time of her father’s death just 6 weeks post-diagnosis, Kristen Heaney was completely unprepared to handle the substantial wealth her divorced father would pass on to her. Their lifestyle had been modest, and all signs of the magnitude of the wealth were well below the radar. In the midst of just graduating from college, and enrolling in graduate school to become a social worker at age 21, she found herself catapulted into a strange, complex and unfamiliar world filled with family business succession, investments, legal structures, lifestyle choices, relational challenges, and a number of internal adjustments. This session offers a snapshot into the mind of the rising generation as we hear about how she navigated that steep learning curve, and the lessons she learned about herself, the advisory world, and the land of wealth. She highlights the impact of values she grew up with, why and how she came to choose advisors (hint, she fired her father’s advisors), and how she is now raising her own children in ways that she hopes are wealth savvy.