The Business of the Practice

Purposeful Social Media Planning that Gets Results

Do you have a social media presence?  Is this presence just for your personal use or do you want to use it to create business for you and your firm?  If the answer is yes to both questions, then this session is for you. Michael Palumbos will help you understand the tools and techniques that are needed for the successful use of social media and content marketing.  Michael and Josh will explore the use of blogs, podcasts, webinars, video and live video as well as the tools in putting together an online platform that will help those who find you know that you can solve their biggest problems.

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How Do We Get Everybody on The Same Page?

Legacy families are complex, with various needs and stakeholders to satisfy, both now and over future generations.  Advisors serving these families often see only part of the picture, and what they see is rarely clear, even to the family.  How can we get everybody in the family on the same page, to then share that with their advisors? We have an open-source tool to share with PPI members, to improve and be used by all.  Our Family Continuity BluePrint is a tool that advisors use with families, helping clarify where they are now, and where they want to go.  

The Future of the Estate Planning Profession

John J. “Jeff” Scroggin is one of the most innovative and visionary estate planning attorneys you’ll ever meet or hear. Many credit Jeff with pioneering the powerful “Incentive Trust” concept. He also is the creative force behind the “Family Legacy Letter”. In this conversation, he discusses why clients are demanding that their planning team focus on preserving and protecting the family rather than just managing the assets and how advisors can meet this demand.