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Fusion Collaboration is a new symposium for professional advisors and consultants who want to stay current with technical topics and gain awareness of best practices for individual and family flourishing. Fusion Collaboration showcases the benefits of fusing the technical aspects of Estate Planning and Wealth Management with the positivity of relational and legacy planning.

2016 Presenters

John “John A” Warnick, Esq.

David R. York, Esq., CPA

Al W. King, III, J.D

Courtney Pullen M.A.

James E. Hughes, Jr.

Tom Rogerson

Hartley Goldstone

Randy A. Fox

Richard Harris, CLU

John M. Dankovich, JD

Laura J. Malone, CAP®

Scott Farnsworth, Esq.

Timothy J. Belber, JD

Ian McDermott

Benetta Jenson

Don Kozusko

What Participants are Saying

“As a Legacy Estate Planning Attorney, I felt the Fusion Collaboration was an excellent foray into combining the technical tax updates with the social and emotional intelligence we all use to counsel clients in the emotional issues we face every day. Fusion presented a unique way of marrying the two disciplines in a way that gives me more tools to help clients and be a true counsellor. I would recommend this program to anyone in this field.”

– Michael G. Stuart, Member/Manager & Founder at The Stuart Legacy Alliance, LLC

“Fusion Collaboration was an experience I will never forget! When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!!”

– S. Mark Alton, Vice President & Senior Investment Management Consultant, The Armory Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

“Let Fusion Collaboration show you how to connect the technical aspects for planning with the heart of families we serve in order to have a client for life.”

— Michael Palumbos, ChFC, Family Wealth Advisor

“The best way to serve my family business clients is in collaboration with experts in a variety of disciplines including law, accounting, financial advisory, insurance, banking, and of course, someone who can help the family address the emotional side of these topics.  That’s why I’m excited to participate in the Fusion Collaboration.”

— Cathy Carroll, MBA, ACC, Legacy Onward

2016 Fusion Collaboration Plenary Sessions

David R. York, Esq., CPA
Casting a Vision for Wealth and Its Purpose

Al W. King, III, J.D., LLM
Preserving Family Values by Encouraging Social and Fiscal Responsibility with Modern Trust Structures i.e., Directed Trusts, Special Purpose Entities and Private Family Trust Companies

Benetta P. Jenson
The Best of Heckerling – The Ten Most Significant and Practical Ideas and Strategies from the 2016 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning

Courtney Pullen M.A., LPC
The Challenges of Collaboration

James E. Hughes, Jr.
The Journey of the Professional Advisor from the Perspective of a Masterful Collaborator

Ian McDermott
Innovation and Collaboration – How to Develop an Innovative Mindset and Increase Your Collaborative DNA

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